January 2017 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes for December 2016 were read by Jon Adams and Accepted by Jim Keener & Wayne Vetter.

Officer Reports

President’s Report (Wayne Sluhan)

Wayne talked about our upcoming Boat & Sport show evens where SCA will staff an archery/ BB gun booth in conjunction with the St. Louis Longbeards like last year. We need volunteers to work two shifts daily 10:00a-4:00p & 4:00p-9:00p. Ken Winkelman has a sign-up sheet. Our calendar of annual shoots was discussed with our March Madness 3-D Tournament fast approaching March 11, 2017. The SCA annual awards banquet was touched on but tabled until February’s meeting. Wayne also discussed our MDC grant that was awarded to SCA and we need all items completed by April 1, 2017. Our indoor archery league will begin January 24, 2017 at 7:00p at the Bow Shop located off Old Hwy 21.

Vice-President’s Report (Mike Gapsch)

Mike asked if anyone needed tickets to the upcoming Big Game Hunter Banquet or the Wildgame dinner held at Oakville Baptist Church. He also spoke about our lane sponsorships and that he needs people to step up and help solicit more lane sponsors. Mike talked handing out coupons at the Boat Show for a free Wednesday fun shoot to promote our fun shoot events.

Secretary Report (Jon Adams)

Meeting minutes for the December meeting were read.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)

Checks were written to the following: Si Colburn deposit for SCA club hunt, Oakville Elks, Porta-Potty, Christmas Party for Parks Dept., SCA Christmas Party & Others. The club remains fiscally sound.

Range Captain’s Report (Tom Munroe)

We have our SCA range work day scheduled for Saturday February 18, 2017. We need lots of volunteers as we will be rebuilding our stationary targets thru-out the range. Meet at the archery pavilion at 7:00am

(bring tools if you have them: adjustable wrench, ¾ deep sockets & ratchet or box wrench, hammers, etc..

Master Bowhunter Recorder (Ken Winkelman)

Report your successful animal harvests to Ken. Remember the current guidelines for reporting are for a Calendar year so it is only for animals taken thru December 31, 2016. All January harvests will count for the 2017 season.

Park Representative Report (Tom Rizzo)

Tom said the County Parks dept has purchased some target material for us but unfortunately they purchased ½ material instead of the normal 1” that we typically use. The parks dept is also storing the material for us at another storage facility off site. Tom has been working on a materials list for our approved range improvements that were listed on MDC grant application. Tom also discussed rebuilding the bale building door but he didn’t have approval from the Parks dept at this time.

Membership Secretary Report (Tony Taylor)

All SCA memberships are due by April 1, 2017. The annual membership dues of $25 for an individual or $30 for a family are good from April 1 to March 31 the following year. Please get your membership updated on time.

Tournament Secretary Report (Todd Mikel)

Todd said he received the new Rinehart target catalog and spoke to their rep. We can get blemished inserts for a 30% discount. Todd was going to see which inserts we can use and evaluate the condition or our current 3-D targets and get an order together so we have 30 good targets for our upcoming tournaments. He also asked about the status of bow hangers that others were working on. Also, commented about needing to get the March Madness flyers printed & distributed.

Old Business

New Business

Motion was made by Henry Drane to decrease the weekly fun shoot rate from $6 dollars down to $5 dollars per night for members for the 2017 season. That was approved and carried by the majority. The non-member price of $9 dollars will remain the same.

SCA will be staffing & working the archery/ BB gun booth at the Boat & Sports show January 28th & 29th. See Ken Winkelman or Wayne Sluhan for sign-ups & times available.

Mitch Norris with the St. Louis Longbeards donated a Genesis kids bow for SCA to sell raffle tickets at the event. The drawing will be held at our March Madness Tournament March 11, 2017.

SCA Indoor Archery league begins January 24, 2017 @7:00p at the Bow Shop located off Old Hwy 21.

SCA Awards Banquet discussion was tabled until February’s meeting

Wildgame dinner is January 20, 2017 at Oakville Baptist Church.


In the December meeting notes under New/Old Business stated that we voted to use $1,000 dollars from the MDC grant to cover the cost of the equipment needed to remove the unwanted bush honeysuckle. Correction-The $1,000 was approved from our Target fund.

2017 South County Archers Current officers:

President Wayne Sluhan

Vice President Mike Gapsch

Secretary Jon Adams

Range Captain Tom Munroe

Range Co-Captain TBD

Tournament Secretary Todd Mikel

Treasurer Henry Drane

Membership Secretary Tony Taylor

Parks Representative Tom Rizzo

Master Bowhunter Recorder Ken Winkelman

SCA Calendar of Events 2017

January 28-29, 2017 Boat & Sport show event @ Americas Center

February 18, 2017 Work Day on Range (meet 7:00am at the Pavilion)

March 11, 2017 March Madness 3D Archery Tournament

March 18, 2017 Awards Banquet-(More details to follow)

April 5,-October 4, 2017 Fun Shoots at JB (every Wednesday starts around 4pm)

May 20, 2017 Annual Veterans Shoot at Archery Pavilion (setup begins 6:00am w/ registration starting at 8:00am)

June 3, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

July 8, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August (TBD) Charlie Sharp Coon Shoot (Members Only Shoot)

August 5, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August 19, 2017 Annual Deer Classic at JB (Registration begins 8:00am)

October 5,6,7,8 2017 SCA Club Hunting Trip (Mark Twain Lake) $$$/person


Wayne Sluhan, Tom Rizzo, Mike Gapsch, Jon Adams, Jim Keener, Tom Munroe, Tony Taylor, Marshall Sidwell, Frank Krecji, John Von Fange, Jack Klimczyk, Mitch Norris, Mary Armbruster, Gerald Magruder, Wayne Vetter, Jim Rueschhoff, Mike, Don Hatcher, Ken Winkelman, Henry Drane, Albert Sanders, Mike Manion, Todd Mikel.

Meeting held the 1st Thursday of every month at Oakville Elks Lodge- 2726 Elks Lane-St. Louis, Mo 63129 7:30pm Start time.

Contact us:


email: info@southcountyarchers.com

December 2016 Newsletter

This outlines the Meeting on December 1 when we held our year end resolution of various issues and finished with our Annual Christmas Celebration.
President’s Report (Tony Taylor)
Tony opened the Meeting and reviewed our Officer Status for 2017.  We had nominations on the table for all positions except President and Secretary.
Secretary Report (Ken Winkelman)
The notes from the October Meeting were placed on tables for General Membership Review.  As outgoing Secretary, Ken thanked everyone for 3 years of support.
Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)
Henry indicated Pulaski Bank was bought out by an Illinois Bank.  We need to review if we want to switch Banks to deal with a Missouri Bank.
He mentioned some final expenses such as the IBO Insurance and the cost of the Christmas Party which are typical costs at this time of the year.  We have a healthy balance in the Target Fund which is necessary for us to maintain the Butts on the Range.
We supported the Big Game Hunters who support us by purchasing 2 tickets for their Raffle.  If we win a prize, we will need to decide how we handle it as it would be the Club’s Prize to deal with.
Range Captain (Rich Robitsch/Tom Munroe)
No Report
Parks Representative (Tom Rizzo)
The Parks Department purchased Butt Material for us which is not the ideal size to work with, but, we will make it work.  They are storing it for us at Suson Park.
There is no update on repairing the Bale Building door at this time.

We still have work to do in removing the Honeysuckle on the Range.
Membership Secretary (Mary Taylor)
We have 2 members signed-up for 2017. 
Membership dues will be due on April 1, 2017.
Mike Gapsch (Vice President)
Nothing to Report
Master Bowhunter Recorder (Wayne Sluhan)
Wayne reported that Todd Mikel had reported some scores on deer and that other people still owed him their information.
New/Old Business
Wayne Sluhan presented Jim Rueschoff with the $500 Town Hall Archery Gift Card he won from our drawing earlier in the year.
The annual Indoor Shoot will be held on Tuesdays and begin in late January for 10 weeks.
Tom Rizzo advised that a Deer Study will be done by Biologists who come from all over the country to investigate various findings on deer.  The Club voted to donate $200 to support this effort.
We voted to use $1,000 of our Grant Fund to cover the cost of equipment and Roundup to remove unwanted Honeysuckle from the Range.
Tom also advised of a Right To Hunt Bill being discussed and will keep us informed of developments.
The Banquet will be held in 2017, but, Tony said we should leave all particulars up to our new President.
Park Shoot Dates for 2017 will be the first Saturday in June and February and the second Saturday in July staying clear of the July 4th Holiday.
We need to firm up a date for the Veterans Shoot typically held in June.  It was suggested we move this event to May 20 to avoid the heavy vacation month of June which limits our draw of shooters.
New Club Officers were approved for 2017 as follows:
President – Wayne Sluhan
Vice President – Mike Gapsch
Secretary – Jon Adams
Treasurer – Henry Drane
Parks Rep – Tom Rizzo
Master Bowhunter Recorder – Ken Winkelman
Tournament Secretary – Todd Mikel
Range Captain – Rich Robitsch/Tom Munroe
A motion was made to adjourn and seconded so with that the meeting closed.

The next SCA Meeting will be Thursday, January 5, 2017 at the Oakville Elks

Attendance: Tony Taylor, Mary Taylor, Ken Winkelman, Henry Drane, Todd Mikel, Mary Armbruster, Albert Sanders, Jim Keener, Rich Robitsch, Bob Urbanek, Wayne Vetter, Tom Rizzo, Tom Munroe, Rich Kurtzborne, Wayne Sluhan, Bob Urbanek, Mike Gapsch, Jon Adams, Jamie Adams, Russ Seibert, Ron Schneider, Jack Klimczyk, Brian Winkelman, Gary Smith, Mike Manion, Greg Winkelman, Jeff Galiley, Bill Gallahue, Kevin Winkelman, Don Hatcher, John Von Fange, Jim Rueschoff, Frank Krecji


October 2016 Newsletter

In keeping with tradition that there be no Monthly Meeting in November to conflict with the annual Prime Deer Hunting Season, this report will outline topics from the October 2016 Meeting.

President’s Report (Tony Taylor)
Tony opened the Meeting and thanked everyone for a very successful Club Hunt where 23 members and guests enjoyed the weather and hunting at Mark Twain Lake.

He reminded everyone that nominations for New Officers for the upcoming Calendar Year are currently being taken with voting to be held at the December meeting.

The Club Christmas Party will be held in conjunction with the December meeting which has been our course of action for many long years.  The Club will supply the meat for the Party and members and guests are asked to bring a dish to share with the other attendees.

Secretary Report (Ken Winkelman)
The notes from the September Meeting were placed on tables for General Membership Review.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)
Henry reported that we did very well with the Draw for the $500 Town Hall Archery Gift Card and saluted Wayne Sluhan for carrying the project.  This was a very good program for SCA.

He told us that the Club Hunt was very successful.  In regard to this event, the biggest objective is to get attendees to pitch-in with the various chores as a rebate doesn’t light everyone’s fire.  We need to address how to inspire all attendees to participate in food preparation and clean-up.  One possible solution is to charge those refusing to pitch-in a much higher fee if they want to attend.

Mike Manion is becoming a regular with not only a score, but, also the Big Buck as he once again brought down a handsome 9 pointer which was his 4th or 5th such kill in recent years.

Henry saluted former Navy retirees, Tom Munroe and Phil Self for the cleanliness of the floors following their efforts with the mops.

Henry thinks we should drop our Fun Shoot prices for next year to boost attendance.

Range Captain (Rich Robitsch/Tom Munroe)
The Range will be inspected in the next month to see what needs to be fixed.

Parks Representative (Tom Rizzo)
We have 2 projects to address as follows:
Repair the Bale Building Door
Remove Honeysuckle on the Range

In regard to the Bale Building Repair, Muggs with the Parks Dept. must approve what we are doing.  Tom will buy the materials once approval is granted.

Tom will organize a Work Party for October 19th to remove the Honeysuckle using chainsaws and Roundup.

The Park Dept. is buying us 1,120 pieces of Butt Material to keep the targets up on the range.  This will last a while which will give us plenty of inventory to keep the Butts in good shape.  The Parks Dept. will store the Butt Material for us at Suson Park.

Membership Secretary (Mary Taylor)
We gained 3 new members in October and 1 for 2017.  Remember, dues for 2017 are due April 1.

Mike Gapsch (Vice President), Todd Mikel (Tournament Secretary) and Wayne Sluhan (Master Bowhunter Recorder) were either not in attendance or had nothing to report.

New/Old Business
We will participate with the youth events at the Sports Show in February/March with the Turkey Federation.

This coming year we will sell chances on a youth bow with possible secondary prizes.
Henry said we need a box to store our supplies and will buy a tote or something similar to store materials.

Tom gave a nice recap of volunteer hours for our various events such as Kids Shoots, Wounded Warrior Shoots, Fun Shoots and Tournament Shoots which totaled over 313 hours.

We still have openings for President and Tournament Secretary for next year.

SCA will donate $500 to St. Bernadette’s needy as our Christmas Contribution and let the church decide how it should be used. We will also have a Cash Box and Can Good Box at our December Meeting for additional donations.

The Big Game Hunters Association supported us last year with a $500 donation so we will support them by buying 2 $50 tickets for their raffle.

A motion was made to adjourn and seconded so with that the meeting closed.

The next SCA Meeting will be Thursday, December 1 at the Oakville Elks.

Attendance: Tony Taylor, Mary Taylor, Ken Winkelman, Henry Drane, Todd Mikel, Mary Armbruster, Albert Sanders, Jim Keener, Rich Robitsch, Bob Urbanek, Wayne Vetter, Tom Rizzo, Tom Munroe