March 2017 Newsletter


Meeting Minutes for February 2017 were read and Accepted by those in attendance.

Officer Reports

President’s Report (Wayne Sluhan)

Wayne thanked everyone who volunteered their time working at the N.A.S.P event. It was such an amazing event to watch these kids shoot and to represent SCA at such an event. Also, thanks to those who participated in the work day at the range. We had great weather and as always a great turnout in help. Our range has never looked better. Wayne stated that the purpose of the March meeting is to ratify the new SCA Constitution. Wayne said questions will be addressed but, unless there are consequences to the club, no changes will be made. He also said the constitution will be reviewed every 3 years. Tony Taylor addressed the membership requirement which he thought was too strict. Tony wanted to amend the constitution prior to a vote but, it was suggested we proceed and accept the constitution as proposed and if there’s a need to make revisions at a later time they can be brought to the Constitution and Rules committee for consideration. A vote was taken to approve the constitution put before the membership and that vote passed 16-2. Therefore the constitution is now in full effect.

Vice-President’s Report (Mike Gapsch)

Unable to attend.

Secretary Report (Jon Adams)

Unable to attend.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)

SCA has a good cushion in the target fund. We were able to purchase some of our new targets at a 305 discount with minor blemishes. We’ve spent most of the MDC grant and the final $1,318-dollars left will be spent by the end of March. The club brought in $700 dollars from working the boat show event. We have bow raffle proceeds currently at $622 dollars from selling tickets to the donated Genesis kids bow. We had minor expenses from printing raffle tickets and parking reimbursements for the boat show. The porta-potty company has not billed us in two months so Henry will investigate. Checks were written to the following: Oakville Elks, & Others. The club remains fiscally sound.

Range Captain’s Report (Tom Munroe)

We have our SCA range work day scheduled for Saturday February 18, 2017. We need lots of volunteers as we will be rebuilding our stationary targets thru-out the range. Meet at the archery pavilion at 7:00am

(bring tools if you have them: adjustable wrench, ¾ deep sockets & ratchet or box wrench, hammers, etc..

Master Bowhunter Recorder (Ken Winkelman)

Ken reported that most members have already achieved their 8 hours of club service and encouraged those to keep up the good work.

Park Representative Report (Tom Rizzo)

Tom thinks we should put up signs around the range indicating that SCA maintains the range. He also thinks it would be a good idea to have a groups greet and welcome new shooters feel welcome.

Membership Secretary Report (Tony Taylor)

Tony thanked those members who have already renewed their 2017 SCA memberships. We currently have 67 current members with only about 14 of those paid for 2017. He reminded us that all SCA memberships are due by April 1, 2017. The annual membership dues of $25 for an individual or $30 for a family are good from April 1 to March 31 the following year. Please get your membership updated on time.

Tournament Secretary Report (Todd Mikel)

In regards to the March Madness shoot, he will be working this Saturday and we may have new bow hangers in place. The signs will be posted along Telegraph road advertising the shoot. We will begin setup for the shoot at 7:00am sharp. Anyone wanting breakfast before should meet at Waffle House at 6:00am. Zack King volunteered to grill food and Bob Urbanek will get the trophies needed.

New Business/Old Business

It was suggested that Jon Adams order new inventory of SCA apparel such as hats & shirts. Mike Manion indicated that the orange on our club hats is Blaze orange but questioned the orange that is on our shirts.

Henry has the club hunt scheduled for October 5,6,7,8 of 2017 which conflicts with our SCA monthly meeting. Wayne said this should be ok as we can see about moving our meeting to another day that Month.

Any member in good standing who has their 8 hours of club service in will receive a reduction in the club hunt fee for 2017. Thus far we have $100 dollar donation toward the club hunt. We have to guarantee the parks a minimum fee equal to 35 people so let’s get the word out to make this event cost effective for all attendees.

We are getting hit up for many new events such as the National Golden Age event which involves our members teaching no-disabled veterans how to shoot better for their upcoming tournament in Mississippi. Also, more kids night or shoot events. The question becomes how much can our club take on, as we only have so much man power. There are some other grant opportunities available for organizations who help support veterans. Could be a topic in the future but again a strain on man-power is the concern.

SCA Banquet is March 18th beginning at 6:00p at Fergies Bar on Lemay Ferry road 63125. We have 13 signed up with another 4 plus committed at this meeting.

Todd Mikel said Rhinehart targets has a deal for donations.

Henry read a letter from St. Bernadette’s St. Vincent De Paul Society thanking us for our generosity at Christmas time.

Wayne reported that the Pop & Young Annual Convention is in St. Louis this year. If you volunteer to work you will be admitted free of charge to the event. The event is held at Union Station April 5-8 2017.

Wayne asked if anyone knew who won the John Woods Memorial Tournament in 2016. We need to determine when and where this year’s event will be held.

No Crossbows allowed on our range. This is decision made by St. Louis County Parks that we must abide by.

Tom Rizzo discussed the CWD updated and that Missouri has already spent over 2 million dollars on research, etc..

Wayne also suggested that as an organization we as members get involved and contact our legislators to let them know that we want our hunting and fishing rights to stay at the helm of the Missouri Department on Conservation and not be transferred to the Agriculture department which would be bad for our hunting future.

Motion made to adjourn.


No Corrections at March Meeting.

2017 South County Archers Current officers:

President Wayne Sluhan

Vice President Mike Gapsch

Secretary Jon Adams

Range Captain Tom Munroe

Range Co-Captain TBD

Tournament Secretary Todd Mikel

Treasurer Henry Drane

Membership Secretary Tony Taylor

Parks Representative Tom Rizzo

Master Bowhunter Recorder Ken Winkelman

SCA Calendar of Events 2017

January 28-29, 2017 Boat & Sport show event @ Americas Center

February 18, 2017 Work Day on Range (meet 7:00am at the Pavilion)

March 11, 2017 March Madness 3D Archery Tournament

March 18, 2017 Awards Banquet-(Fergies Bar 1699 Lemay Ferry 63125)

April 5,-October 4, 2017 Fun Shoots at JB (every Wednesday starts around 4pm)

May 20, 2017 Annual Veterans Shoot at Archery Pavilion (setup begins 6:00am w/ registration starting at 8:00am)

June 3, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

July 8, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August (TBD) Charlie Sharp Coon Shoot (Members Only Shoot)

August 5, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August 19, 2017 Annual Deer Classic at JB (Registration begins 8:00am)

October 5,6,7,8 2017 SCA Club Hunting Trip (Mark Twain Lake) $$$/person


Wayne Sluhan, Tom Rizzo, Jim Keener, Tom Munroe, Tony Taylor, Marshall Sidwell, Frank Krecji, John Von Fange, Jack Klimczyk, Mitch Norris, Mary Armbruster, Jim Rueschhoff, Mike Manion, Ken Winkelman, Henry Drane, Albert Sanders, Zach King, Mary Taylor, Wayne Vetter, Gerald McGruder, Bob Urbanek, Jason Burton, Todd Mikel, Greg Winkelman, Brian Winkelman.

Meeting held the 1st Thursday of every month at Oakville Elks Lodge- 2726 Elks Lane-St. Louis, Mo 63129 7:30pm Start time.

Contact us:


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