October 2017 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes for September 2017 were accepted by the general membership present.

Officer Reports

President’s Report (Wayne Sluhan)

Well, another successful year of fun shoots and hanging out at the Archery pavilion is coming to a close but hunting season is just heating up. Thanks to all of our members & guests for their many contributions of helping setup & breakdown the range thru-out the year at our events. In the upcoming year 2018, if we could all recruit some additional help especially for taking down our events it would certainly help ease the burden on everyone. Just a couple of reminders as we move forward: There is no meeting in November due to rifle season. Our next meeting will be on December 7, 2018 and is our annual Christmas party. The meeting is always brief so we can get to the festivities. We ask that everyone try to please attend so we can have an excellent turnout and as always bring a side dish to share with the club.

Lastly, this is our annual election of officers meeting. Most of our current officers are staying on the board for another term and we have a couple of new members stepping up to serve in a leadership role for 2018. A vote was taken by the members present and all officers’ positions were approved. Please see the last page for the officers.

Vice-President’s Report (Mike Gapsch)

No comment

Secretary Report (Jon Adams)

Now that archery season is among us please share your pics & stories in the woods on our club Facebook site: South County Archers St. Louis. If you are not already on there go to the site and send me a request to join. Also, please invite other to like and join our site as well. Secondly, you can also email your harvest photos to pics@southcountyarchers.com so we can upload to a gallery site that we are putting together. Lastly, if you know someone who you feel would be a good fit for our club please invite them to attend our functions and help sponsor them to become active members. Also, if anyone would like to purchase SCA apparel we have hats, polo shirts & T-shirts available for purchase. See Jon for details & to check available sizes.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)

Henry did the shopping for our upcoming SCA club hunt. Also, Henry mentioned that we need to look at ordering a few more 3D-targets for the upcoming year. Lastly, thanks to our solid members & our sponsorships our club remains financially strong.

Range Captain’s Report (Tom Munroe)

We have a couple of target butts shot out due to someone using broadheads or practice broadheads on the range. We need to keep an eye out and report any activity we see of people using broadheads.

Master Bowhunter Recorder (Ken Winkelman)

Opening season will be starting in days. Please remember to send Ken your harvests for recording and points for the Master Bowhunter award. Also you can send your harvest photos to this email address: pics@southcountyarchers.com

Park Representative Report (Tom Rizzo)

Tom had a ranger call him on a Wednesday evening asking if we were still at the pavilion hanging out. We just need to be cognizant of how late in the evening it’s getting and not be there too late.

Membership Secretary Report (Jon Adams-Interim)

We are growing! We continue to see new applicants sign up and participate in our monthly meetings & fun shoot events. (Remember two club events must be attended with at least one of those being a monthly meeting for the board to vote on new memberships) Many have completed this already and many more just need to attend the meeting. See Jon Adams with any questions.

Tournament Secretary Report (Todd Mikel)

Unable to attend.

New Business/Old Business

SCA December meeting & Annual Christmas party December 7, 2017.

Mark your Calendars for March 25, 2018 for our annual SCA Awards Banquet. More details to be announced in the coming meetings but the cost will be somewhere around $25 dollars for dinner & drinks. Spouses are welcome. We will have awards and will have attendance prizes.

Need more participation from the membership to assist with setting up and taking down the 3D targets on our Wednesday night fun shoot events and other club sanctioned events.

Need to discuss and plan our SCA Awards Banquet.

Future guest speaker ideas: Private Land Specialist, How to hunt public areas, rattling & using scents

We still need to have another work day or two to finish installing handrails on some of the shooting lanes and the additional bow hangers, tank inventory on the bale building and rebuild bale building doors.

Motion made to adjourn.


No Corrections at October Meeting.

2017 South County Archers Current officers:

President Wayne Sluhan

Vice President Mike Gapsch

Secretary Jon Adams

Range Captain Tom Munroe

Range Co-Captain TBD

Tournament Secretary Todd Mikel

Treasurer Henry Drane

Membership Secretary Jon Adams-Temporary

Parks Representative Tom Rizzo

Master Bowhunter Recorder Ken Winkelman

2018 South County Archers incoming officers:

President Wayne Sluhan

Vice President Mike Gapsch

Secretary Malcolm Grundy

Range Captain Tom Munroe

Range Co-Captain Jim Keener

Tournament Secretary Shane Walz

Treasurer Henry Drane

Membership Secretary Jon Adams

Parks Representative Tom Rizzo

Master Bowhunter Recorder Ken Winkelman

SCA Calendar of Events 2017

January 28-29, 2017 Boat & Sport show event @ Americas Center

February 18, 2017 Work Day on Range (meet 7:00am at the Pavilion)

March 11, 2017 March Madness 3D Archery Tournament

March 18, 2017 Awards Banquet-(Fergies Bar 1699 Lemay Ferry 63125)

April 5,-October 4, 2017 Fun Shoots at JB (every Wednesday starts around 4pm)

May 20, 2017 Annual Veterans Shoot at Archery Pavilion (setup begins 6:00am w/ registration starting at 8:00am)

June 3, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

July 8, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August (TBD) Charlie Sharp Coon Shoot (Members Only Shoot)

August 5, 2017 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August 19, 2017 Annual Deer Classic at JB (Registration begins 8:00am)

August 27, 2017 John Woods Memorial 3D Tournament (Members Only)

(Location is at the Quail Club located in Belleville, IL)

October 5,6,7,8 2017 SCA Club Hunting Trip (Mark Twain Lake) $$$/person

November 2017 (No meeting due to hunting season)

December 7, 2017 (Annual meeting & Christmas party- Bring a side dish)


Wayne Sluhan, Henry Drane, Greg Winkelman, Ken Winkelman, Shane Walz, Mary Armbruster, Jon Adams, Jim Keener, Mike Cimo, Mike Gapsch, Tom Munroe, Tom Rizzo, Bob Urbanek, Christine Sudduth, Fred Gerber,

Meeting held the 1st Thursday of every month at Oakville Elks Lodge- 2726 Elks Lane-St. Louis, Mo 63129 7:30pm Start time.

Contact us:


email: info@southcountyarchers.com

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