February 2018 Newsletter

Officer Reports

President’s Report (Wayne Sluhan)

Wayne is working on revising & updating our SCA plaques that we award to winners in our 3D tournaments.

In late January a few board members met to discuss our clubs digital footprint. Topics discussed were how we can improve our online presence including website & content, promoting our club socially. Our website menus are being revised and website content being rewritten. Changes will be published once completed.

-St. Louis Boat & Sport Show event February 8-11. Sign up to help staff the shooting booths like before. –Our club should make around $700-dollars for this event.

-Indoor League started January 23, 2018 at The Bow shop on Old hwy 21. Everyone is having a good time shooting this event. If you didn’t make it this year put it on your calendar for next year.

-Range Work Day for February 17, 2018- was pushed back due to weather. Our back-up work day is March 3, 2018. Meet at the archery pavilion at 6:00am.

-Seckman NASP Tournament is February 24, 2018. See Wayne if you can volunteer.

-March 25, 2018 SCA Awards Banquet at Genesis on Telegraph 63125. $25/per person. We need to get a final count. Don’t miss out on this year’s event & attendance prizes. Hope to see everyone there.

Vice-President’s Report (Mike Gapsch)

No report

Secretary Report (Malcolm Grundy)

Unable to attend.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)

Henry mentioned that this time of the year is our clubs lowest period financially. We have bills going out but do not really collect revenue during the winter months due to inactivity. Lastly, thanks to our solid members & our sponsorships our club remains financially strong.

Range Captain’s Report (Tom Munroe)(Jim Keener Co-Captain)

Jim gave us an approximate material list needed for our workday. We need to complete a few leftover items such as handrails, bow hangers, etc..

Master Bowhunter Recorder (Ken Winkelman)

Please remember to send Ken your harvests for recording and points for the Master Bowhunter award. Also you can send your harvest photos to this email address: pics@southcountyarchers.com

Park Representative Report (Tom Rizzo)

Unable to attend.

Membership Secretary Report (Jon Adams)

Congrats to the following new applicants accepted into membership: Tom Leith, Richard Kurtzeborn, Kevin Winkelman, Benjamin Aronov. Also, membership/applicant renewals have been mailed. Please see me if you did not receive your renewal. Please submit payments by March 31, 2018.

Tournament Secretary Report (Shane Walz)

Unable to attend.

New Business/Old Business

If you are working the boat & sport show please car pool as much as possible. Parking reimbursement takes away from our clubs earnings. Also, make sure you return your badge to the desk or we will get charged.

February 24, 2018 is the NASP Tournament beginning 8:00am at Seckman High School. See Wayne if you plan on attending.

Motion made by Jon Adams to purchase the New HK model HKVP9sk 9mm to auction off as a fundraiser for SCA. The winner will be drawn at our last fun shoot of the year. Motion approved by majority present.

Mark your Calendars for March 25, 2018 for our annual SCA Awards Banquet. Held at Genesis on Telegraph Road 63125. More details to be announced in the coming meetings but the cost will be somewhere around $25 dollars for dinner & drinks. Spouses are welcome. We will have awards and will have attendance prizes.

Need more participation from the membership to assist with setting up and taking down the 3D targets on our Wednesday night fun shoot events and other club sanctioned events.

Motion made to adjourn.


No Corrections at January Meeting.

2018 South County Archers Current officers:

President Wayne Sluhan

Vice President Mike Gapsch

Secretary Malcolm Grundy

Range Captain Tom Munroe

Range Co-Captain Jim Keener

Tournament Secretary Shane Walz

Treasurer Henry Drane

Membership Secretary Jon Adams

Parks Representative Tom Rizzo

Master Bowhunter Recorder Ken Winkelman

SCA Calendar of Events 2018

January 23, 2018 Indoor Archery League begins at The Bow Shop-10 weeks

February 8-11, 2018 Boat & Sport show event @ Americas Center

February 17, 2018 Work Day on Range (meet 6:00am-?? Meet at the Pavilion

March 3, 2018 Back-up Work Day. (Same as above)

March 10, 2018 March Madness 3D Archery Tournament (6:00am-6:00p)

March 25, 2018 Awards Banquet-($25/person @ Genesis on Telegraph)

April 4,-October 3, 2018 Fun Shoots at JB (every Wednesday starts around 4pm)

June 9, 2018 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

June 16, 2018 Mid- Summer Classic 3D Tournament (6:00am-6:00p)

July 14, 2018 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August (TBD) Charlie Sharp Coon Shoot (Members Only Shoot)

August 11, 2018 Kids Shoot (9-10:30a beginner-11-12:30p intermediate)

August 18, 2018 Annual Deer Classic at JB (6:00am-6:00p)

August (TBD) John Woods Memorial 3D Tournament (Members Only)

October 11-14, 2018 SCA Club Hunting Trip (Mark Twain Lake) $$$/person

Meeting held the 1st Thursday of every month at Oakville Elks Lodge- 2726 Elks Lane-St. Louis, Mo 63129 7:30pm Start time.

Contact us:

southcountyarchers.com email: info@southcountyarchers.com

-Like us on our FACEBOOK page-


Wayne Sluhan

Henry Drane

Ken Winkelman

Greg Winkelman

Mary Armbruster

Jon Adams

Jim Keener

Mike Cimo

Mike Gapsch

Bob Urbanek

Terry Avery

Mike Manion

Frank Krecij

Brian Winkelman

Mitchell Norris

Richard Kurtzeborn

Kevin Winkelman

Jim Rueschhoff

John Vonfange

There was 1 name I could not figure out the handwriting. Also if I misspelled anyone’s name, please forgive me and feel free to send me the correct spelling.

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