May 2019 Newsletter

Officer Reports

President’s Report (Mike Gapsch)

Need opinions on Awards Banquet and any ideas for improvements–Food was good, 73 attendees–Please share your ideas–prizes were good, food was good, venue was good,
everything went over well.
See Ken if you harvest a turkey–Shotgun does count towards Harvest Award

Vice President’s Report(Malcolm Grundy)

Gun raffle tickets are available–See Malcom $5/each-5 for $20-20 for $100

Secretary Report(Joe Maddock)

Share your pics & stories in the woods on our club Facebook site: South County Archers
St. Louis. If you are not already on there go to the site and send me a request to join.
Also, please invite other to like and join our site as well.
Secondly, you can also email your harvest photos to
so we can upload to a gallery site that we are putting together. Be on the lookout for updates to our website and social media pages.
Lastly, if you know someone who you feel would be a good fit for our club please invite them to attend our functions and help sponsor them to become active members. Also, if anyone would like to purchase SCA apparel we have hats, polo shirts & T-shirts available for purchase.  See Jon for details & to check available sizes.

Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)

The club remains financially sound

Range Captain’s Report (Tom Munroe)

No report

Master Bowhunter Recorder (Ken Winkelman)

No report

Park Representative Report (Tom Rizzo)

No report

Membership Secretary Report (Jon Adams)

On par with historical renewals Membership overall is very strong and online presence is up – please continue to share pictures, stories, ideas, etc. to the clubs Facebook group
New applications have been received during Wednesday Fun Shoots.  We are continuing to see new requests and questions from our online presence, specifically Facebook

Tournament Secretary Report (Shane Walz)

New Business/Old Business

Email was received from teacher from Windsor about hosting a summer program called
“Become an Outdoor Kid” – Request for volunteers – Starts June 5th.  President Gapsch will contact Wayne Sluhan for more details and report back.
Motion made that all sponsors are automatically considered a member in good standing as a perk of membership and are not expected to maintain hours–Motion passed
Motion made to allocate money 50% of money made from Sport Show to Club Hunt
The Spring Warm Up did not have enough feedback about the use of range finders–Discussion tabled to May – Discussion resumed–feedback was positive from non-members–Motion made to maintain use of range finders–Motion passed.
Bass Pro had a “Women’s Day”.  SCA members assisted with the archery area
We have the option to do a BBQ and sell raffle tickets at the Bass Pro location
–looking for volunteers and dates–an email will be sent to members.
Keener proposed amendment to Bow Hunter Award that anyone who has a medical reason to use a crossbow would not be penalized for the Master Game Hunter Award
Discontinuing offering bug spray at all shoots due to price––motion to Passed
Motion made to adjourn


2019 South County Archers Current officers:

President  Mike Gapsch
Vice President Malcolm Grundy
Secretary  Joe Maddock
Range Captain  Tom Munroe
Range CoCaptain  Jim Keener
Tournament Secretary  Shane Walz
Treasurer  Henry Drane
Membership Secretary  Jon Adams
Parks Representative  Tom Rizzo
Master Bowhunter Recorder  Ken Winkelman
SCA Calendar of Events
April 03, 2019–October 02, 2019    Fun Shoots every Wednesday  14 3D targets will be set                                                               up on the walk through range starts @ 4:00pm.
                                                             NO shoot on July 03, 2018 due to holiday.
May 29, 2019             Member Appreciation night 50/50 drawing with attendance prizes.
June 06, 2019             Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club
June 08, 2019             Kids Shoot at SCA pavilion JB park 8:00am-3:00pm
June 15, 2019             Mid Summer Classic Tournament (range finders allowed)
                                      30 – 3D targets will be set up on the walk through range.
                                      (Always on the 3rd Saturday in June)  Complimentary Biscuits and                                          Gravy starting at 8:00 am. (While supply last!)
June 26, 2019              Member Appreciation night 50/50 drawing with attendance prizes.
July 11, 2019               Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club
July 13, 2019               Kids Shoot at SCA pavilion JB park 8:00am-3:00pm
July 31, 2019               Member Appreciation night 50/50 drawing with attendance prizes..
August 01, 2019         Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club
August 10, 2019         Kids Shoot at SCA pavilion JB park 8:00am-3:00pm
August 17, 2019         Annual Deer Classic Tournament 30-3D targets will be set up on the  \                                     walk through range. (Always on the 3rd Saturday in August)
August 28, 2019         Member Appreciation night 50/50 drawing with attendance prizes.
September 05, 2019  Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club
September ??, 2019   Annual John Woods Tournament(SCA members only)
October 02, 2019        Annual Keightley Fish and Turkey Fry.
October 02. 2019        Last Wednesday night fun shoot for 2019.
                                      2019 Raffle winners announced.  50/50 drawing.
October 03, 2019        Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club (Election of                                        Officers)
October 10 – 13, 2019  SCA Annual Hunt and Fish camp
December 05, 2019     Club Meeting starts @ 7:30 PM @ the Oakville Elks Club (Annual                                                Christmas Party)
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