Archery Range

South County Archers maintains a 40 acre +/- public walk-through archery range located in Jefferson Barracks Park off of Worth Road in South St. Louis County. The range has 28 shooting lanes offering shot opportunities from 5-80 yards. Use of the range is free to the public except every Wednesday from April through the first Wednesday of October when a nominal fee is charged for our weekly 3D archery fun shoots. We are proud to announce that as of June of 2020 crossbows are welcome on targets 1-9.


  • Orange hat, shirt or vest is mandatory for anyone on the range.
  • Shooting or pursuing any wildlife while on the range is strictly prohibited
  • No foul language
  • The use of blunts, broadheads or practice broadheads are strictly prohibited
  • No alcohol allowed on range
  • No multi-arrow shots allowed

+Violation of any range rule may result in ejection from the range and may also be subject to fines and or arrest by St. Louis County Park Rangers.

Please visit and take a walk through the range and enjoy nature. You will see an abundance of wildlife, beautiful mature forest and find some challenging shooting opportunities

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