December 2016 Newsletter

This outlines the Meeting on December 1 when we held our year end resolution of various issues and finished with our Annual Christmas Celebration.
President’s Report (Tony Taylor)
Tony opened the Meeting and reviewed our Officer Status for 2017.  We had nominations on the table for all positions except President and Secretary.
Secretary Report (Ken Winkelman)
The notes from the October Meeting were placed on tables for General Membership Review.  As outgoing Secretary, Ken thanked everyone for 3 years of support.
Treasurer’s Report (Henry Drane)
Henry indicated Pulaski Bank was bought out by an Illinois Bank.  We need to review if we want to switch Banks to deal with a Missouri Bank.
He mentioned some final expenses such as the IBO Insurance and the cost of the Christmas Party which are typical costs at this time of the year.  We have a healthy balance in the Target Fund which is necessary for us to maintain the Butts on the Range.
We supported the Big Game Hunters who support us by purchasing 2 tickets for their Raffle.  If we win a prize, we will need to decide how we handle it as it would be the Club’s Prize to deal with.
Range Captain (Rich Robitsch/Tom Munroe)
No Report
Parks Representative (Tom Rizzo)
The Parks Department purchased Butt Material for us which is not the ideal size to work with, but, we will make it work.  They are storing it for us at Suson Park.
There is no update on repairing the Bale Building door at this time.

We still have work to do in removing the Honeysuckle on the Range.
Membership Secretary (Mary Taylor)
We have 2 members signed-up for 2017. 
Membership dues will be due on April 1, 2017.
Mike Gapsch (Vice President)
Nothing to Report
Master Bowhunter Recorder (Wayne Sluhan)
Wayne reported that Todd Mikel had reported some scores on deer and that other people still owed him their information.
New/Old Business
Wayne Sluhan presented Jim Rueschoff with the $500 Town Hall Archery Gift Card he won from our drawing earlier in the year.
The annual Indoor Shoot will be held on Tuesdays and begin in late January for 10 weeks.
Tom Rizzo advised that a Deer Study will be done by Biologists who come from all over the country to investigate various findings on deer.  The Club voted to donate $200 to support this effort.
We voted to use $1,000 of our Grant Fund to cover the cost of equipment and Roundup to remove unwanted Honeysuckle from the Range.
Tom also advised of a Right To Hunt Bill being discussed and will keep us informed of developments.
The Banquet will be held in 2017, but, Tony said we should leave all particulars up to our new President.
Park Shoot Dates for 2017 will be the first Saturday in June and February and the second Saturday in July staying clear of the July 4th Holiday.
We need to firm up a date for the Veterans Shoot typically held in June.  It was suggested we move this event to May 20 to avoid the heavy vacation month of June which limits our draw of shooters.
New Club Officers were approved for 2017 as follows:
President – Wayne Sluhan
Vice President – Mike Gapsch
Secretary – Jon Adams
Treasurer – Henry Drane
Parks Rep – Tom Rizzo
Master Bowhunter Recorder – Ken Winkelman
Tournament Secretary – Todd Mikel
Range Captain – Rich Robitsch/Tom Munroe
A motion was made to adjourn and seconded so with that the meeting closed.

The next SCA Meeting will be Thursday, January 5, 2017 at the Oakville Elks

Attendance: Tony Taylor, Mary Taylor, Ken Winkelman, Henry Drane, Todd Mikel, Mary Armbruster, Albert Sanders, Jim Keener, Rich Robitsch, Bob Urbanek, Wayne Vetter, Tom Rizzo, Tom Munroe, Rich Kurtzborne, Wayne Sluhan, Bob Urbanek, Mike Gapsch, Jon Adams, Jamie Adams, Russ Seibert, Ron Schneider, Jack Klimczyk, Brian Winkelman, Gary Smith, Mike Manion, Greg Winkelman, Jeff Galiley, Bill Gallahue, Kevin Winkelman, Don Hatcher, John Von Fange, Jim Rueschoff, Frank Krecji


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